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Holidays aren't just for people in relationships, they're for anyone who wants to travel solo. So if you want to experience a new destination in good company or feel it's time to do something that's just for you and you don't want to travel with your partner or friend, a singles holiday will be perfect. Travelling solo is liberating and with the right ingredients it’s the perfect way to leave Merseyside behind and see the world. You can mix everything together to create the ideal travel experience for fun and friendly globe trotting.

Solo Traveller

Going on holiday or a cruise with people who are passionate about finding new exciting destinations and creating holidays full of unforgettable experiences are a must for any single traveller.Breaking free of your day to day, Merseyside environment to explore Europe or beyond will be a fulfilling experience, especially if you can team up with other Merseyside Singles to enjoy this holiday with.

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